SERIES | Nau Frágil


There were many routes and many other diversions at this boat. Along the way, encounters with weak bodies / landscapes that store memories and materialize into fragments of everyday, hunches which turn into images and go, like walkers, beyond the gaze of the blind blue hat Uirapuru – a bird-person who sees the future in the light of the sea.

But it is in the Sayuri’s childhood waters, “the little white lily”, where time designs its transgressive and give us back to the ocean. In addition, follows a single nature and reborn in this little story of sensibilities, lifetime.

Paula Sampaio

August, 2009

(Nau frágil #1) ornithological Collection of Emílio Goeldi Museum, Uirapuru-de-chapéu-azul / 2009 (60cmx25cm).
(Nau frágil #2) Cabedelo, in the city of Paraíba, close to Transamazônica Road, Oceano Atlântico (Atlantic ocean) / 2009 (60cmx40cm).
(Nau frágil #3) Creek in Tauá, Sayuri - Pequeno lírio branco ("the little white lily") / 2009 (60cmX40cm)
Base capture: digital