It is my calling to go through this Amazonian body. Its skin, all tattooed of rivers, forests and trails of beings of all kinds, is a weightless body. But it is on the route of the long and tragic roads in the region that the encounters arise.

Earlier, the highways Transamazônica and Belém-Brasília were the main itinerary, a reason for the departure. Over time, incidents and random caused endless abnormalities. Innocent rest, new paths and many returns that are marked on this map of memories and forgetfulness.

A kaleidoscope of stories-images has been building up, making up solid and hugging me at the end of each trip. And this nature (life) is my road. This life that goes forever and never return like it was before to anywhere.

Paula Sampaio

September 2011

Paula Sampaio

Setembro de 2011